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Local food walking tours

By Moe Egan

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Salt Lake City

Walk historic downtown Salt Lake City and learn history, culture, and strange facts while taking in flavors you’ll never forget!


Park City

Walk through historic main street and learn about local folklore, arts, and culture as you dive deep into some of the best dishes in Park City!


100% Delicious

A unique journey through food

Taste the best local foods time-tested pillars to the best kept secrets. Whether you’re a hardcore foodie or just wanting to have a totally new experience, you’ll leave satisfied with memories to last a lifetime.

Celebrate Life Through Food

As long as humans have existed, their food has told their stories and is a central part of culture and identity. People relate through stories and food just another storytelling tool to bring you insights into different cultures and new ideas. Sharing food with friends, family, or coworkers is an incredible to show affection and strengthen bonds. Our food walking tours emphasize not only¬† incredible food, but the stories, history, and culture that has shaped our community into what it is today. Book a tour today and taste an experience you’ll never forget.

Birthday and Anniversaries

Share meaningful meals and time with someone special in your life.

Life Achievements

New promotion or goal achieved? Express that joy through a nice of wonderful flavors and culture.

Bond with Friends

Nothing brings people together like good food. You don’t need a reason to treat yourself to an experience like this.