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Meet The TEAM

Meet The SLC Food Walking Tour Team


Founder/Owner, Lead Tour Guide 

Moe calls Salt Lake City home. Moe spends his the Director of Recruitment for The Other Side Village, a master-planned community dedicated to helping folks that have been chronically homeless, suffering from mental health, addiction and displaced veterans. Additionally, he has lived in San Francisco and Las Vegas for many years and has managed tour companies in all three cities.

As Manager of Big Bus Tours, Moe trained tour guides, drivers and sales teams.

Dining in so many incredible restaurants is one of his favorite experiences. From 2007 to 2011, Moe worked as a Rotisserie Chef at the Delancey Street Restaurant on San Francisco’s waterfront. It was there that his love for food took off.

Recently turning his passion into a career, SLC Food Walking Tours offers an array of experiences and insider tips, coupled with unbridled hospitality that “Foodies” will cherish and enjoy. For several decades, through his love of food, he has been sharing restaurant recommendations to everyone. Introducing family and friends to favorite new places, along with old standbys and seeing their faces light up as they enjoy heightened dining experiences is one of Moe’s favorite things to witness.

An avid outdoorsman, he has taken advantage of the exquisite skiing, hiking, fishing and other great sports that Salt Lake City has to offer. Locally, Moe was part of a taskforce focused on getting homeless people off of the streets and into the workplace. He has spent the last 14 years giving back to his community and to those with the most misspent and damaged of lives to transform themselves and to help others do likewise.



Darrin has spent most of his adult life working in professional sports. He was the Executive Director of Media Relations for the Sacramento Kings for 13 years and previously worked in a similar capacity with the Atlanta Hawks for 10 years.

An enormous amount of travel comes with those positions, which is where he developed his love of food and dining. Darrin has several favorite restaurants he frequented in every NBA city. Throughout the years, one of his main hobbies has been cooking. When Darrin is not cooking, he is normally out on the town sitting in a restaurant somewhere enjoying the cuisine.

In 2013, his debut novel, “Look Around,” a murder mystery centered around an Atlanta-based sports agent, was published.