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Customers Love Our Tours

Cathy H.

Fantastic experience in Park City. Learned the history, discovered fantastic restaurants and excellent food! A great “to do” with a group of friends.

Clay J.

I would totally do this again!! We learned all about the state, religion, landmarks, and cuisine. SOOO FUN!! Even if you are a local, you will love it!!

Ellie G.

Moe is so awesome! My fiancé and I loved getting to know him, learning more about SLC, and eating good food. Great for a date or family/friend/coworker outing.

Beau C.

Moe knows! How many times have you thought "what to eat? what to eat?" Why pick just one?! Let Moe walk you through the creme de la creme of SLC cuisine, curated just for you!

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